Thursday, September 8, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey.  Guess what everybody! One of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth over at love is the adventure, left me an award last week.  Check it out:


Isn’t that cool?  I feel so honored.  She has such a great blog, and it makes me smile to think that she enjoys reading my blog too.  Elizabeth is a PhD student in theater, and she’s always sharing her views on life and her adventures with her husband Kyle.  If you haven’t read her blog, you really should check it out. 

Here are the rules for accepting this prestigious award:

Thank the person.

Thank you Elizabeth! It was so nice of you to think of little ol’ me.

Share 7 things about yourself.

1.  I grew up on a big cattle ranch in Montana.  I spent my childhood making bows and arrows out of tree branches, splashing in the creek that ran through our ranch, playing with baby kitties in the barn, and riding horses.  Cattle drives were a way of life and my high school job was cutting hay.  I had the world’s best childhood.

This is not a picture of my actual childhood, but it might as well be.
2.  I hate the sound of liquids being poured from a pitcher. Especially in the morning.  I grit my teeth when I pour myself a cup of coffee.  Nope, none of those horrible little fountains in my house.

3.  I have three cats, but my favorite cat is Amira, otherwise known as Mimi.  Don’t ask me where she got that nickname.  It may sound mean to say that she’s my favorite, but she has tons of personality that only someone like me could understand. For instance, when she growls at me and tries to bite, it really means she’s playing and loving every minute of being evil. What’s not to love?


4.  I hate the word moist. Look at what shows up when you enter it into


That word just sounds dirty, and I really don’t want to use it to describe a cake or other food product.

5.  I love the TV show Friends.  I still watch it over and over because I own the whole series on DVD. Johna makes fun of me because I still cry when Ross and Rachel break up.  What? It’s sad. Even after the 789th time I’ve seen it.

6. I can quote the movie Wayne’s World almost word for word. Aladdin too, and The Little Mermaid, and Spaceballs. It’s a gift… and it’s not at all pathetic or weird.

7.  If I never had to work another day of my life, I would travel and throw pottery.  Not throw it at a wall… you know… make pretty vases and whatnot.  I love to make pottery.  Here’s a vase I made:

Van and Pottery 009

Pass this award on to 5 other recently discovered blogs.

I’m pretty new to the blogging world so all of these are recently discovered to me.  I seriously love these blogs. Check ‘em out:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Drive

Chris had the day off on Sunday, so we decided to go on a little drive in the mountains.  Getting out of the hustle and bustle of town does wonders for the soul.  We drove, we walked around a little, and I took a ton of pictures.  I love being out in nature.

sunday drive 047

sunday drive 008 sunday drive 012

sunday drive 014  sunday drive 021

sunday drive 016 

sunday drive 018

Thimbleberries… Yummy.

Check out this bee.  I spent a few minutes trying to get a good shot of him.  I wish he wouldn’t have been hanging out on knapweed.

sunday drive 036

sunday drive 029  sunday drive 024

sunday drive 026

sunday drive 052  sunday drive 057

sunday drive 061  sunday drive 055

sunday drive 064  sunday drive 063  sunday drive 065

sunday drive 073

sunday drive 075  sunday drive 077  sunday drive 076

We decided to stop by the river to look for fish.  The water was so clear, we could see several cutthroat trout swimming in a deep pool.

sunday drive 086

sunday drive 085

sunday drive 083 

sunday drive 081

The only creepy part of the drive was this random scarecrow tied to a tree in the middle of the woods.

sunday drive 087

What the hell is this guy doing way out here?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Words of Wisdom from Chris while reminiscing on the past:

“You can’t focus on the things you’ve given up.  It’s better to focus on the good like listening to Bob Segar’s Against the Wind and wearing cool safety glasses.”

fair 087
No, these are not his safety glasses. I just wanted to add this picture to a blog post sooner or later.

Well said Chris. Well said.  Except for maybe the safety glasses part.  I’m not sure that there is such a thing as “cool safety glasses.”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school, or daycare, or whatever

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, or you know me in person, than you know I’m a preschool teacher.  Some would say I’m a daycare provider, but I have a tendency to flinch when people say that. You see, I have a teaching degree, but teaching jobs in the district are a little hard to come by in Idaho with the budget cuts, and frankly, I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing.  I’m not babysitting. I’m giving my students an education and I’m preparing them for Kindergarten.  That’s why I found this commercial so hilarious.

The bonus footage is even better.

I know it’s hard to make that payment to your preschool or daycare sometimes, I agree with Geico.  “There are better ways to save.”