Monday, July 23, 2012

I was a cute baby too.

Are you tired of seeing baby pictures of Tanner yet?  Well then, stop reading this blog. Haha.  Actually, I thought that today I would treat you to some old pictures of me when I was a baby.  Finding these pictures was actually one of my favorite parts of my little Montana trip. 

These pictures were taken during a trip that my mom took with Dawn and I back east to visit my Aunt Emilene and my cousins Becky and Renee.  I have to say… we were some pretty cute little buggers.

scan0007 scan0006

Here I am.  Wide eyed and curious about the world.


Pictured left to right:  Becky, Dawn, Karen (me), and Renee

scan0001  scan0002

Ummmm… nice wallpaper.  And Dawn, please don’t fall off that chair.  Or that table for that matter.


Sleepy baby


Here we are getting some culture at a young age. Oh yeah, that’s my mom.  Doesn’t she look like a young Julie Andrews?


I don’t know what this is.  A train maybe?

After seeing all of these baby pictures of myself, I couldn’t help but see the resemblance between me and Tanner.

scan0008 100_1937

See what I mean?

Pool Time With Tanner

It has been really hot here the past few weeks. Maybe not as hot as some other parts of the country, but still pretty hot.  What’s better on a hot day than swimming in a pool? Not much.


100_1830  100_1831

Tanner was super excited about his first day in the water.  I was super excited about how cute this cloth swimming diaper is.



Tanner’s towel and his sunscreen.
100_1835  100_1836

Here’s the first time his little feet were dipped in the water.


In case you were wondering… we were swimming in Elizabeth’s pool.  It was a present from her dad. 


We had to get a family picture.

100_1839 100_1840

100_1841 100_1842  100_1844


100_1857  100_1861

Tanner’s first swim was a success.  He loves the water!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Day Denny’s Became Blog Worthy

So I’m not saying this is the most glamorous place to eat, or the most exciting, or the healthiest for that matter, but it was Tanner’s first time in a restaurant.  Therefore, Denny’s restaurant is blog worthy.


100_1767 100_1768

We went out with our nephew Tyler, and our friends Johna and Elizabeth.  For some reason, I didn’t take pictures of Johna or have anyone take pictures of me, but we were there.  I promise.
100_1769  100_1771


100_1774 100_1775

Like I said, not the healthiest food… but it was greasy delicious.

You don’t need to give me that nervous look Tanner.  Sometimes we eat things like sushi. Oh, you say you want to go to a sushi restaurant two days later?  Well ok….


100_1873 100_1874

Now that was yummy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tanner’s first day of school

Last Wednesday was a big day for Tanner.  It was his first day of school.  Let me tell you, if was one of the hardest days ever for me.  It made me sad to think about someone else watching him all day.  I had over two months of getting to be with him 24/7, and it was really hard to think about missing even one minute.  I do realize how lucky I am though.  I’m a preschool teacher in the same building, so I was able to check on him a ton.  Even with checking on him though, it was still really hard.  I really don’t know if I would’ve been able to leave him there and actually go away all day.  You mothers who have to do that are stronger women than I am. 

I was pretty proud of myself.  I only cried once, and it was before I actually had to leave him.  Thinking about leaving him in that room without me was harder for me than actually doing it.  Tanner, of course, did great.  Give him a bottle and a place to sleep and he’s a happy little man.


Here he is in his first day of school outfit.  He’s all packed up and ready to go.

100_1780 100_1788

This is the room where he spends his day.

100_1785  100_1786  100_1784


He had no trouble sleeping.  In fact, he slept most of the day.



100_1886 100_1887

I love that the kids get to do some art projects… even the infants.  It will be fun to get little pictures and paintings.  I love these little footprint ducks.

100_1797 100_1795

Tanner was all about relaxing in the swings. 


I got to sneak back in the room and feed him his first meal at school.


Getting his diaper changed for the first time was no big thing.


Tanner had a great time with two of the other staff kids.  He loves little Noah and Kyler.

PicMonkey Collage 6

But his favorite thing in the room would have to be the ceiling fan.  You should see the big, wide mouthed smiles he gives that thing.


This is his teacher, Miss Christina.  Thanks for taking such good care of him Christina.  It makes it so much easier knowing he’s in good hands.