Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Rocky Mountain Front

One of my favorite parts of our Montana visit was our drive along the Rocky Mountain front.  The views were absolutely breathtaking.  See for yourself.


100_1581  100_1600
100_1589 100_1607


This is the Bellview School.  They no longer teach school there everyday, but they still use it for conventions and teacher trainings and whatnot.

During our drive, we decided to stop at Mill Falls for a quick picnic and a short hike to see the falls.  It was Tanner’s first hike in the woods, not to mention his first waterfall.


100_1620  100_1621


100_1625   100_1626

100_1627  100_1628


After our hike and picnic, we drove on to Antelope Butte Lake.  We brought the kayaks, but decided not to paddle because it was pretty hot, and I didn’t want Tanner to get overheated.


100_1634  100_1633


One of my favorite parts of the drive was seeing these cool Limber Pine trees.  They are so gnarled and twisty, I had to stop and take some pictures of them.

IMG_2635   IMG_2643


IMG_2650  IMG_2644


There’s no place like Montana.

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The Book Critic said...

Karen, There really is no more beautiful place than Montana. Once it is in your heart, it is there forever. I love your pictures! Tanner is getting so big already! In a few days your mom and dad are coming to visit and I will get to hear all about how wonderful Tanner is :0)