Monday, July 23, 2012

Pool Time With Tanner

It has been really hot here the past few weeks. Maybe not as hot as some other parts of the country, but still pretty hot.  What’s better on a hot day than swimming in a pool? Not much.


100_1830  100_1831

Tanner was super excited about his first day in the water.  I was super excited about how cute this cloth swimming diaper is.



Tanner’s towel and his sunscreen.
100_1835  100_1836

Here’s the first time his little feet were dipped in the water.


In case you were wondering… we were swimming in Elizabeth’s pool.  It was a present from her dad. 


We had to get a family picture.

100_1839 100_1840

100_1841 100_1842  100_1844


100_1857  100_1861

Tanner’s first swim was a success.  He loves the water!


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Johna said...

It's a good thing my bestie blogs all of my daughter's fun times :) Super cute picture of you and Tanner!