Thursday, July 7, 2011

House Projects Continued

Last weekend I painted the kitchen.  It looked really good, so I knew that I couldn’t stop there.  I also decided to paint the closet in the bedroom.  I have never painted it.  Mostly because I was just way to lazy to take everything out… and who sees closets anyway?  Well, the answer to that question is: I do.  I have to look at it, and I have to know that it’s never been painted.  I decided that I’m just not ok with that anymore.

Before – Ick:


After – Ahhhh:

kitchen 016

It’s white. It’s clean. It’s so much better.  Oh yeah, and if that wasn’t ambitious enough for you, I also took my area rugs outside and cleaned them with a hose and a miracle cleaner called Red Devil
TSP 90. 

kitchen 028

Seriously, the stuff works wonders.  I also used it to clean the walls before I painted them.  No scrubbing and it eats through the grease.  Unendorsed product plugging over.

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Holly said...

YAY for painting the inside of your closet! Mine looks a bit like the BEFORE pic at the moment. :/