Friday, July 8, 2011


As some of you may know, Chris and I are moving.

No, we are not moving out of town.  We are moving back to the house we lived in before.  It’s kind of a long, messed up story, but I’ll try to condense it as much as possible.

It all started in 2002.  Chris and I were working for my dad.  He owns a company that manufactures portable concrete mixers.  He promised us money, good work, and the opportunity to learn the business in order to take it over and run it someday.  As you’ve probably figured out, it ended very, very badly. I had a gut feeling that it wouldn’t be a good as he promised and I should’ve listened to my intuition.  He is not a kind person, and Chris and I had a hard time dealing with the way he treated us and everyone else that worked for him.  We decided to cut our ties and move to Idaho.  I have not talked to him in over nine years.

Fortunately, Chris had an amazing Grandmother named Granny Ruth.

Grandma Ruth 050

She owned a house in Idaho that she was not living in.  She allowed us to move in, and consequently, Chris and I were both able to go to college and get degrees.

Last year, Granny’s health deteriorated enough that she was no longer able to live by herself. Her tiny house that we lived in was just not big enough for all three of us, so we decided to rent a bigger place.  We signed a year lease and moved in with Granny.

Unfortunately she didn’t last past the year.  We miss her so, so much.  The lease on the house is over, so we are moving back to Granny’s old house… a place where we feel closer to her and more at home.  It’s been a lot of work painting and cleaning, but I must say that I’m excited to go back home.

We have been working like dogs all week.  Tonight, we are going to The Coeur d'Alene Casino to eat at the seafood buffet.  Yummmmm… crab.  Then, hopefully we will sleep like this dog:


We should be nice and rested for moving day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Moving is SOO draining! It will be nice when its all done! Then comes the fun part of adding the little accents to give it that homey feel :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Sorry to hear about his Granny...but that is pretty special you guys are moving back to that house. Good luck with the move!