Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Eureka Post: Pat’s House

Darn.  I just realized that I didn’t get any pictures of my friend Pat.  Well I did, but she was crossing her eyes and making a face.  I really want to post that picture, but I’ll be nice.  Instead I’m going to go steal one off of her Facebook page.

Robbery complete… Now you know who I’m talking about. 
Anywho, when we went to Desirss’s wedding, Pat was kind enough to let Johna’s family and me stay with her for the weekend.  It was so nice, and so peaceful to stay out of town.  Drinking a beer on a hot day is never better that when your sitting outside, you’re with friends, and you can’t hear any city noise.  Ahhhh… Montana, how I miss you.

eureka 021

eureka 032 eureka 033

She also has some furry family members:

eureka 034   eureka 066

Did I mention, she is a horse woman through and through? This girl knows more about training horses than anyone else I know.  She taught me all kinds of things when I first met her back in jr. high and high school.

eureka 025
eureka 022   eureka 024  eureka 030   eureka 031

eureka 026   eureka 027
eureka 067   eureka 068

Oh, and Pat’s hilarious because she has this sign above her toilet:

eureka 064

In case you’re having a problem, after using Pat’s bathroom, you will now know how to fix it in the future.  Her house is fun and educational.


Johna said...

Hilarious...I didn't even see that. Fun and educational...LOL! Thanks again for letting us stay Pat :)

Anonymous said...

I had a great time with you all here at my little house with the duck tape on the window! You are always welcome at my house!