Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wrant: Iceberg Lettuce

I’m one of those people that has no use for iceberg lettuce.  What is that stuff anyway?  I guess you can call it a leafy green, but it’s hardly even green.  It has this weird, white stem part that has this bitter flavor.  You get it right? I don’t like iceberg lettuce. So why is it that every single salad in the planet has to have iceberg lettuce in it? Ok, ok this may be a little bit of an exaggeration. Why is it that every single restaurant salad in the planet has to have iceberg lettuce in it? Ugg.

When I was preparing to write this rant, I decided to do a little research so that I could convince the world to stop using iceberg.  You know, because soooo many people read this. Haha. I did find the usual argument against iceberg. The standard argument saying that it is low in nutritional value.  But then I found this article from Raw Food Health that dashed my dreams of convincing everyone to stop using the nasty lettuce.  Dang it. It made some really good points.  Read it if you want to. 

Or… You could join with me in ranting every time you have to pick one of those nasty, white, bitter stems out of your salad.  So who’s with me?  I say the only thing iceberg should be used for is this:


or this:


I also wanted to mention that my bff in real life, Johna, just started a blog.  In fact, this wrant was her idea. It’s called Made in Montana. You should check it out.


TC30s said...

i have to admit...iceburg is one of my fav because it's so crunchy! But this rant is hilarious!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Those pictures are funny!

Johna said...

Another good use for iceburg lettuce...flinging in trebuchets, feeding to your pet rabbit or tossing at bad comedians. that's it! P.S. Thanks for the blog plug :)

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

LOL. Okay, maybe next week I'll have to join you in Wednesday Wranting.

Iceberg lettuce is cheap but devoid of any flavor. I'm with you.

Laura Darling said...

Hahaha these pictures are too much! Have you ever tried butter lettuce? So good!