Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wrant: Ugly building I have to look at every day

I’m starting a new blog feature: Wednesday Wrant. I know that rant isn’t really spelled with a w, but I like alliteration… so all you big spellers out there can just deal. Ha!
I’m a pretty nice person in general (if you’re laughing or snickering at this comment, you need to stop now), but let’s face it, we all have things that bother us.  I have enough things that bother me that I can write a weekly feature.  See? Complaining isn’t always useless.

Wrant of the week: This ugly, fugly building that is in my view at work every day.


Allow me to list the reasons as to why I hate it so much:

1. That random orange stripe that ends halfway across the building. What is that?

2. The white paint that looks like it’s eating the other paint. Again… why?

3. The diamonds are not lined up with the roof of the building. They are painted at a diagonal. My brain hates this and it wants them fixed.

Ugh.  I have to look at this thing every day. My life is hard.


Kristie Price said...

Wow. That is seriously annoying. Pain job: epic fail. Bleh. :/

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

LOL, Karen. You are so funny.

KERRY said...

Hi! Funny post, horrible building lol
Newest follower, found you on another blog...Looking forward to reading more 'wrants'
Have a good day :)