Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RIP Reggie Roo

It was a sad day at our house today. Chris went outside to say hi to the dogs and give them fresh water only to find that poor Reggie had passed away. 


We got him ten years ago from our local pound.  We were surprised to find a pure bred basset hound there, but we soon found out why.  I don’t think that everyone is cut out to put up with a basset’s stubborn nature or tendency to bark.  And trust me, when a hound barks, everyone in the neighborhood knows whose dog it is.  But actually, he was a great dog.  We got his barking under control and he was very, very loveable.  Yes, he had a mind of his own, and some days I wanted to strangle him, but he was a legitimate part of our family. And dang it, look how cute he was. 




This is one of our first pictures of Reggie after bringing him home from the pound.  It’s crazy how dark he was.


How many bassets have you seen out in the woods? He loved to hike, and we used to have to pick him up so he could get over logs and debris.

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November 2010 043  P1010316

Hedges and July 012

Goodbye Reggie Roo.  You were loved and we will miss you!


Megan Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! Losing a pet is one of the hardest things to go through. He looks like he was a very lovable companion. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Johna said...

So sorry about Reggie :( It was fun seeing that picture of when you first got him...didn't realize how much he'd changed over the years. Elizabeth said, "He was my best friend and I miss him." Poor Weggie.

KERRY said...

Aww so sorry to hear about your sad loss of your beloved Reggie. What an adorable dog who no doubt had a fabulous life. Just look at those pictures of him and his best friend Timber, what beautiful memories. It can be so so hard losing a pet. I hope you smile everytime you think of him...
P.S. Thanks for those pics recently, so cute! But what was up that tree?? LOL

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine losing someone so important. Just looking at his face you can see how loved he was and how much he loved back.

Thinking of you guys today...

Hope you're doing okay. When you're feeling better, be sure to check out my blog because I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. It wasn't even a sympathy nom, either! ;)

love, elizabeth

Mom said...

So sorry about Reggie.

Kaycee said...

Soo sad he was like half mine I felt like. I remember when u picked him up at the pound and man could he run rip reggie