Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild and Wacky Stories

Last week was wild and wacky week at my preschool.  As one of my lessons, I had the kids tell me a wild and wacky story.  I wrote down the stories exactly as they were told to me. The kids added a picture at the top of their own story, and the stories were made into a class book.  These were too cute not to share.  You’re welcome.

book 006

book 011

The Bugs and Giant Things by Aaron

Once upon a time, there was a daddy long leg, and there were teeny, tiny ones too.  Then there was a lady bug and they were best friends.  They walked and they saw a beetle that was really big.  The alligator was trying to stop them. They sprayed water on the alligator and the giant beetle and they got away.  The End

book 012

Eagles Pick Up Humans by Bradley

Once an eagle met another eagle, and then the eagles crashed into each other.  Then they were fighting! A bad eagle came and punched them… in the leg. I mean, it bit them in the leg. Humans came and were driving to the beach. They were playing in the water and the eagles picked them up and ate them.  The End

book 013
Nature by Kristi

Once upon a time there was a butterfly,  It was flying.  It flew to a ladybug.  The ladybug flew to another butterfly.  The butterfly pushed the ladybug into the water.  The ladybug grabbed onto a flower.  He pulled himself onto the flower.  Then he rode down the creek until he saw a frog.  He jumped in the water so the frog wouldn’t eat him.  The End

book 015

Superman by Caleb

Once upon a time, Superman flied.  He threw eggs at the dinosaur.  The dinosaur never could get out of the eggs because he was cooked.  Superman went to save a boy.  He flew off the roof. He squirted water at the dinosaurs.  Then he squirted juice at more dinosaurs.  Then he took off to his house and he went to bed because he was tired.  The End

book 007

Snakes by Asher

Once mommy and Judah and Asher go on an island. There were little snakes and animals and more little snakes. We had to catch them. Then my stomach hurt and I had a red stomach. Then we put the snakes at home and put them in the fish tanks with the fish.  The End

book 016

The Lion and the Witch by Dominic

Once upon a time, the lion and the witch got into a fight.  They were fighting about being the king. They fought with little, tiny sticks. The witch’s stick broke in half and she grabbed an even tinier stick. It was only two inches long. The lion broke the stick again. She had enough of this, so she pulled out her wand. The lion knocked it out of her hand, broke the wand, and won the fight. The End

book 008

Once there was a gigantic bunny. He turned into a spider. He ate everybody in the entire world! The government catched him. They put him in a cage. Then he turned into a good spider and ate all the bad guys in the world. Then the government did everything for him.  The End     By Gavin

book 017

Star Wars Invades Earth by Xander V.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Jedi and Sith are now on the same team. Everybody got into ten or twenty Republic cruisers.  They found a different galaxy and were planning to invade it. The first planet they were planning to invade was Earth. They saw kids and humans and they didn’t know what they were, so they thought they were evil, so they sent out scouts and clones to scout around. Then Earth blew up.  The End

book 009

Once there was a kid and he went bug hunting. A HUGE tarantula came after him. The tarantula got caught by the tarantula king. Then the kid became friends with beetles who could talk.  The beetles were being hunted by a huntsman spider. The beetles gotten eaten by the huntsman spider.  The End  by Gabe

book 010

The Crocodile Bit the Head by Xander R.

Once upon a time, the crocodile saw a kid and he bit his head. That was the end of the story.

I hope you enjoyed these stories! Kids are so funny.

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I love hearing stories from kids. There are no better stories.