Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bras on Dudes… Anything for a Cure

I’m involved in a charity event called Relay for Life.  It is sponsored by The American Cancer Society.  This is a charity that is near and dear to my heart because my family has been directly affected by cancer.  My sister, Dawn is an eleven year leukemia survivor.  I’ll get into that story at a later date.

On Saturday, I went to a fundraiser for Relay for Life called Bras on Dudes.  That’s right, it’s exactly what you’re thinking… a bunch of dudes wearing bras.  Relay for Life is composed of many teams, some of which designed a bra.  The bras were then worn by the male models, and were later auctioned off.  Some of the bras sold for as much as $300. Yeah!

Here are some of the dudes:


Yeah, yeah, there’s a chick in there.  Pay no attention to her.  Check out those sweet bras. 

All it took for these guys to participate was the goodness of their hearts and some free beer.  Speaking of the free beer, let me give a shout out to the amazing restaurant and pub that agreed to host this little shindig…. The Fedora.


Fedora not only has a fun atmosphere and excellent staff, but they have amazing food as well.

Now back to the guys.


They were having a great time.


Here’s where the girl with the real boobs showed up.


Yeah ok, your bra is better than mine, and no, I’m not gonna show you mine.

A few pictures of the “fashion show” and auction:







So as you can see, the event was a huge success, and Relay for Life is already planning to have the event again next year.  Thank you to the fire fighters, and all the other guys who agreed to model.  It’s so cool to go to an event that is fun and makes a difference.  Also, a huge thank you to everyone to attended the event and to everyone who bought a bra.  You all rock!

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Jules said...

That looks like such a great event and for such a worthy cause. It must have been a riot seeing all thouse crazy guys!