Thursday, May 19, 2011

It’s Ok to be Jealous

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite book series.  I picked up this book, and literally could not put it down until I was finished with the first two.  It was torture when I had to wait six months for the last one.  If you haven’t read them, I have to ask, “What have you been doing, living under a rock? Go! Go get this book Right Now!”
So imagine how happy I was when my sister-in-law gave me this:

may 2011 050

That’s right… A signed book plate by Suzanne Collins. And yes, It’s real ink, not some photo copy.


may 2011 051

I debated as whether I should put it in my favorite book of the series Catching Fire, or the first book The Hunger Games.


In the end, The Hunger Games won out.  I think the book that started it all deserves to have the prized signature.



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Alivia said...

AH! I LOVE The Hunger Games! Need to read the next glad to see you loved it as well:)
Regarding your comment on my oatmeal selection, haha!, I get "Better Oats." Something I found awhile ago while out shopping and now I'm addicted. So delicious!