Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Jealousy


Let’s be honest people.  We have all has our moments of jealousy.  Normally we are jealous of some celebrity’s body or that girl’s hair that works at the salon.  Sometimes we are jealous of someone’s house, or boat, or job, or dog.  I have even found myself getting jealous about someone’s car, but honestly that doesn’t happen that often.  I’m not too into cars.  Until today.  Wait, wait, wait.  Let me clarify.  This is not even really a car.  It is just a sweet ass vehicle that I think is sooo stinkin cool.  Let me show you what is parked in my neighbor’s driveway:


Army Rig next door 002


Army Rig next door 003


I have never seen a vehicle like this before.  My husband tells me it’s a Dodge WC-54 World War II field ambulance.  I WANT IT!!! It is the strangest thing for me to be jealous of, but can you blame me?


LCR said...

it's pretty impressive- i have to admit that! :D
Happy Tuesday.

Johna said...

Does it make you want to ration sugar and wipe the sweaty foreheads of men in uniform? Hee hee!

Team Backwoods Views said...

Oh Johanesburger you crack me up. It does make me pine for the days of yesteryear for sure. I'm going to buy one someday..even though that someday may be never.

Team Backwoods Views said...

I messed up. It's actually a WC-9. My bad. I think I found one I like even better though. Google a WC-53. Now that's what I want!