Saturday, May 21, 2011

True Story

One of the best parts about working with kids is hearing some of the funny things they say.  They’re hilarious, obviously.  How else could Bill Cosby have made an entire show out of little people’s ramblings?

I student taught in a kindergarten class for a semester.  It was a really nice day, so we decided to eat our snack outside before recess.  Naturally there were crumbs left on the ground.  And what always comes around when there are crumbs of food anywhere?  That’s right, those flying moochers otherwise known as seagulls.

So anyway, after recess the kids are lining up to go inside and the seagulls are swooping around eating the leftovers.  One girls looks at the birds and says, “They are so cute.  I want to take one home for a pet.”  The girl standing directly behind her looks at the birds and says, “Yeah.  I want to kill one and make it into shoes.” 

People, this is too good to make up.  This little girl is either slightly disturbed or she is a fashion designer in the making.  Classic.

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