Sunday, May 29, 2011

Modeling Chocolate

Have you ever seen that show Cake Boss?  I love it.  Buddy is the best.  Anyway, while I was watching it, I noticed that they use modeling chocolate all the time.  I became curious and decided to find some of this modeling chocolate for myself.  At first, I decided that I was just going to go to Michael’s to buy some, but they didn't have any.  I decided to try to find some to buy online.  It turns out that it isn’t very easy to find a place to buy it because it is so super easy to make.  So yes friends, this is a little post on how to make it yourself.  It really is easy… not healthy, but easy and fun.

You will need:


  • A bag of chocolate chips.  I like the white chocolate because you can easily dye it, but you can use any kind of chocolate chips.
  • 1/3 cup light corn syrup
  • Gel food coloring.  You can’t use food coloring drops because it will cause the chocolate to crumble.
  • 027

    Just pour the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, and melt them.  IMPORTANT: Make sure you melt them at 50% power so that you don’t burn them.  You can also use a double boiler if that’s what your little heart desires.


    Microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes, then stir the chocolate for a bit.  Then, put it back into the microwave AT 50% POWER for another minute and a half.


    When it’s all smooth and melty, add the corn syrup.


    Then stir it up, stir it up, stir it up, up, up.  Sorry, was having a little too much fun right there.  At this point, I like to put the chocolate into the fridge for 10 or 15 minutes just so it hardens up a bit.  Take this time to drink some tea, or do a dance, or call your mom, or idk, stare at the fridge or something.

    Now is when the fun part begins.  You get to make cute little projects of your choice.  In honor of Memorial Day, I decided to make a little flag.

    modeling chocolate 002

    You can add some color to the entire batch, or if you want to play with multiple colors, separate some chocolate out.  Add the gel food coloring and mix it around until your chocolate is all colored.

    modeling chocolate 006
    Cute.  Here are my little red, white, and blue balls of chocolate.

    modeling chocolate 007modeling chocolate 008

    modeling chocolate 012modeling chocolate 014

    modeling chocolate 015

    Ok,ok, I know it doesn’t have 50 stars, but that would’ve taken forever, and it has 13 stripes ok? Geez.  Now go and make some cute little creations and have a Happy Memorial Day!!!

    Here are a few more little guys:

    Modeling chocolate 007

    See ya.  Happy Memorial Day!


    Team Backwoods Views said...

    You are one talented woman! Love you.

    jamie said...

    Thanks Karen!! Informative and funny (melty, stare at the fridge) I love your blogs!!!

    Johna said... cute and delicious!

    Keri said...

    I was trying to decide which animal I liked best in that last picture, and couldn't decide! They are all adorable. :)

    Kristie @ Kristie Colón Was Here said...

    Wow?! Um, just wow. Me? I just think "Oh, that's cool," and turn off the TV at the end of the show ;) Nicely done, Karen.

    wilybrunette said...


    ps: about the camera at the conert: you know i've never been stopped. i chock it up to looking cute and being super nice, that being said, i fear being stopped. so i've thought about getting a press pass--these days you can buy one. i don't know why they don't let them in though, haven't they learned yet that all press is good press. most dissemination of their content is good?

    LORENA said...

    those last little colorful cartoons are super cute! I was completely amazed by cake boss when he made and entire city with a running train!.. it was crazy, lol