Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jury Duty is Finally Over

I’m not going to bore you with all the mundane details of the trial(hehe.. I almost typed trail).  I can tell you that I’m really glad it’s over and that I am actually looking forward to going back to work. There’s nothing like listening to four lawyers argue a minute point for three hours to make you appreciate your job.

I am also thankful that it was a civil trial and not a criminal trial, so I didn’t have to be involved in sending anyone to jail.  Because it was a civil trial, we only had seven jurors.  Did you know civil trials only need six jurors as opposed to twelve on a criminal case? I didn’t.  I guess I learned one thing from jury duty.  I am also thankful that our case didn’t get nearly as intense as this:

I will tell you one funny story though.  This was a case of civilian versus police officer.  One of the questions during jury selection was something along the line of, “Do you have a personal relationship or friendship with anyone in law enforcement.”  I thought to myself, Ohhh… this is the perfect opportunity to get out of serving on this case, so I raised my hand.  I told them that my husband is good friends with a police officer.  The lawyer then said something like, “So are you friends with him?”  My answer, “No, not really.  We don’t hang out.  He doesn’t like to scrapbook.”  Immediately I thought, What!? He doesn’t like to scrapbook? Where did that come from? I should not be allowed to talk in front of judges, other potential jury members, lawyers, cops, and district clerks ever again. The funny this is that I don’t even have time to scrapbook that much.  I have no idea why I said that.  I made myself look like a crazy scrapbooker lady for nothing because I got chosen anyway. 

Oh well.  At least I’m not as crazy as this chick:


Johna said...

Don't you just love those big DUR moments in life? Well, at least it gave you something to blog about :) P.S. I love cats too but geez lady, get a grip!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

LOL. Okay, I put my foot in my mouth constantly and I say the most random stuff to complete strangers. Kyle gets so embarassed. A few weeks ago, we were out celebrating our anniversary and when the waitress came up to ask for our drink orders, I word-vomited for a good forty-five seconds about how I had to convince Kyle to eat there because he didn't want to so it was going to be awhile before he could pick something off the menu. Kyle was absolutely mortified. I still have no idea what possessed me. Anyway, pointless long story short, I'm in a public place giggling loudly at your post.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Glad Jury duty is over for sure it can be consuming. This video of the young lady is a little concerning:-) i would never do a eharmony vlog.. was she doing it as a joke or was she actually serious!