Monday, June 13, 2011

Zip Line

The zip line on San Juan Island was the highlight of our trip.  It was so much fun!  I was surprised that I really wasn’t all that scared.  I was really, really proud of my aunt Emilene.  She was terrified, but she didn’t let that stop her.  She was out there zipping through the tree tops like a champ.  I really can’t describe how cool it was, so I’m just gonna let some of my pictures do the talking.

San Juan 004   San Juan 006

San Juan 013    San Juan 012
1. Chris  2. David  3. My mom, Rusyl  4. Dawn

San Juan 008   San Juan 009

Way to go Emilene!

San Juan 014    San Juan 015

San Juan 019    San Juan 031

San Juan 045    San Juan 046
Finally, a couple pictures of me (above, blue t-shirt).  I didn’t have very many of these because I was the one taking most of the pictures.

San Juan 036    San Juan 041
San Juan 053       San Juan 057

San Juan 055   San Juan 050
San Juan 024     San Juan 025
San Juan 026    San Juan 056

San Juan 060

San Juan 042

Thank you to our guides Stella and Pat for making sure we had a great time and for keeping us safe. We loved it!
For a good time: Zip San Juan!!!


Jules said...

I've always wanted to go zip lining! That seriously looks like a blast.

angie on maui said...

So glad you got to do this! Zip lining is so fun - a little scary at first, but definitely something everyone should have on their bucket list! :)

Anna said...


Kristie Was Here said...

So fun! Going to the San Juans is on my bucket list. I LOVE all your pics. Looks like such a fantastic time and beautiful scenery.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, this look amazing! I've always wanted to zip line!

Maurenice @Villa Bisono said...

I did zip lining in Costa Rica and was so much fun! I am glad you enjoyed your time.


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...


I seriously love your blog. And the title of your blog, too!

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