Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation Dinner

While we were on San Juan Island, we each took turns cooking dinner.  On our evening, Chris and I decided to make shish kabobs.  They were pretty fun because everyone was able to decide exactly what they wanted on their kabob.

san juan 185

san juan 183    san juan 182   san juan 184

san juan 186

san juan 187
Yummmm…. Tasty.  Shish kabobs are my favorite thing to bar-b-que.  They are fun, tasty, and I don’t have to have any onions or peppers touching the rest of my food.  The End


jamie said...

Mmmm. Looks yummy! I love your model in the last pic! His hand, he looks like a price is right model! Lol!!

jamie said...

Just so were clear... I ment the shish kabobs look yummy, not the model!

LCR said...

Mmm! Looks awesome! Kabobs are some of my fav summer foods too!

Belly B said...

That looks SOO delicious!!! :)

<3 Belly B