Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh… Those Pesky Nails

Remember when I said that I would surprise you with a San Juan Island post out of the blue?  Well, “Surprise.” I thought I would tell you about a part of my trip that was not so pleasant for me.  It all started on a Sunday morning.  My mom, Emilene, Kirk, and I decided to go on a walk on the beach.

First, I slipped on the rocks and fell on my booty.  No, I am not all that clumsy, the rocks were just slippery.  See for yourself:

san juan 085

san juan 083

So when I fell on the rocks, I skinned my hand, but more importantly, I jarred my camera.  When the walk was over and we got back to the house, I looked at my camera.  It said that it didn’t have a memory card, so I opened up the little door on my camera where the memory card goes.  When I opened that little door, the memory card popped out and fell through a slot on the deck.

San Juan Pics 031

I had to crawl under the deck to get my camera card back. ‘Cus, let’s face it, camera cards are kinda expensive, and it had some pictures on it.  I didn’t want to lose those.  So here’s the crawl space I had to go through and a picture of the deck’s underbelly:

San Juan Pics 033

San Juan Pics 034

Ok, so I got the camera card and everything felt right with the world again.  I should not have let my guard down because waiting for me outside the crawl space was this little gem:

San Juan Pics 032

Yes friends, that is a nail.  And yes, I stepped on it. And yes, it went into my foot.  That was definitely the most unpleasant part of my trip.  As I said, It happened Sunday morning.  Don’t worry, I soaked my foot in Epsom salt, put some hydrogen peroxide on it, bandaged it up, and by Sunday afternoon I was doing this:

San Juan 045

A little nail in the foot was not going to stop me from having a good time!

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Johna said...

You're like a modern day Wonder Woman :)