Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whale Watching: San Juan

On our second day of our little vay cay, we went whale watching out on a boat.  Let me just say this… It was a blast, and it was totally worth the money.  It is one thing to see a whale while you’re standing on the coast, but it is so much cooler to see one up close. 
We went out on a pretty small boat owned by Captain Jim.  It was a small enough boat so that we were the only people on the boat along with Captain Jim and a whale expert named Jeanne.


100_6042    100_6044

We were glad we were on a smaller boat and not a bigger tour with a bunch of people we didn’t know like this:

San Juan 064

San Juan Island is famous for its orca whale sightings.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any orcas.  We barely missed them on our vacation. In fact, they showed up the day we left.  But don’t worry, we did get to see a whale.  We saw a beautiful humpback, and it was so cool.  Apparently, humpback whales are pretty rare around the islands, and they have just recently been making a comeback.  I think she showed up just for us. 

San Juan 060

San Juan 071

San Juan 070

San Juan 075



We also saw our share of other wildlife on the trip.  We got to see a Dall’s porpoise (sorry no picture, but this is what is looks like), a Steller sea lion, and a group of five blue herons.

San Juan 085

San Juan 050

We had a great time, and I highly recommend going on a whale watching boat.  If you’re ever in San Juan, go on a tour with Captain Jim.  He was friendly, informative, and made us feel right at home.

100_6052    100_6049

San Juan 055    San Juan 046

San Juan 076    San Juan 078

1. Captain Jim and my sister Kaycee
2. My mom and my aunt Emilene
3. Kaycee and me
4. My stepdad Kirk
5. Kirk and Kaycee
6. My husband Chris

San Juan 054

Good Times!

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