Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nine Years Doesn’t Seem That Long

I did not do a blog post yesterday, and I have a good excuse.  It was our nine year wedding anniversary, so I spent the evening with Chris.  Holy Cow! It does not seem like nine years have come and gone already.  I promise that I will post wedding pictures someday.  Back in those days, digital cameras were not so common (geez I feel old saying that) so all of my wedding pictures will have to be scanned.  That’s going to take a little while and, for now, I’m just to lazy to do it. 

Ok, fine, you can have one picture:


I had jury duty until five o’clock yesterday evening. Don’t even ask me… I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. Ha! Anyway, when jury duty was over, we decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner.  The food was good and that was about as fancy as Chris and I wanted to get.  We had dinner, drank a little wine, and then went home like the old people that we are.  It was actually really fun and relaxing.  We don’t get to spend a lot of evenings together because I work during the day and he usually works from three to eleven. We had a nice time, and I feel very lucky to have been married for so long.  Not many marriages last through as much as ours has, and we feel very blessed. Thank you to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary yesterday.


LCR said...

you are beautiful on your wedding day! Happy Anniversary (belated.)

angie on maui said...

Aww, such a pretty wedding photo. Happy (belated) anniversary!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Congrats on 9years!!