Tuesday, June 28, 2011

True Blood Tuesday

Some of my friends and I are super excited about the new season of True Blood starting.  I know, I know it actually started on Sunday, but we decided to watch it on Tuesday. “Why?” you ask.  Because I don’t have a DVR, but my friend does, and her son goes with his dad on Tuesdays.

Now before you get all judgy on me and think that True Blood is silly or even that it’s something like Vampire porn, hear me out.  You get to look at this:

And these characters are hilarious:


Do I really need to say more?


Anonymous said...

Love true blood! Just watched it today :)

Johna said...

Yes, you need to say, "But because my friend Johna won't be here, I am waiting to watch the entire season with her next year on DVD".

Katie Elizabeth said...

Soo many of my friends are into this show. I'll have to rent the first season I guess.

xo katie elizabeth

Aunt Ethel said...

Hi Karen ,Thought I'd drop by and check your blog out . it's Chris's crazy Aunt from the East !! Ethel LOL !!!Kool blog ! I'll try to get caught up on it ... TRUE BLOOD !!! ERIC !!!! OMG ! Can you spell the word STUD ??? LOL ! I don't care if he's the only actor in the show ,I'll watch !!! Kitchen looks great . You and Chris are sooo cute ! take care ! love to chris too !

Mom said...

Hi Karen, Love the color of your kitchen--I'd call it a mint color. It really looks nice.