Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Until We Meet Again San Juan

I have about 10 million (give or take) more pictures that I could show you from our San Juan Island trip, but I feel that the time has come for me to wrap it up and move on to other things.  But don’t worry, when you least expect I might just… BAM… throw another San Juan post at ya, just because I can.

For now though, let me just take a minute to recap a few things that I love about San Juan Island that I may not have shared with you in previous posts.

San Juan 062

san juan 106    san juan 105

San Juan 032  100_6277

San Juan 008     kirk's san juan 029

San Juan 003    San Juan Pics 088

San Juan 011

San Juan Pics 023     San Juan Pics 024

San Juan Pics 073      San Juan Pics 079

100_6102      100_6103

100_6285       san juan 142

san juan 162        san juan 163

san juan 201


Farmer’s Market in Friday Harbor

Views of the Ocean

Madrona trees

Popeye the one-eyed seal who is the official seal of the Port of Friday Harbor

Lavender Farm

Alpaca Farm

Cattle Point Lighthouse and Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Family Time
San Juan 017


Eva said...

this is off topic, but thanks for letting me know about that website that tests the toxicity of products, soo helpful :)

Johna said...

Those little sheep are cute...was it soap?

Maurenice @Villa Bisono said...

These are gorgeous pics...I haven't been to San Juan but I am from the Dominican Republic which is not too far from my homeland. So cool I discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pics. I am now following, hope you can go and visit my blog and if you like please follow.

Besos from NYC,